• Where are your classes?

    Our Monday and Thursday group classes are held at The Dance Foundation in Homewood in Studio 1 (usually or Studio 5; front desk receptionist can assist you as well) :

    The Dance Foundation

    1715 27th Ct S, Homewood, AL 3520

  • What do I wear for class?

    Comfortable gym or activewear type clothes. Smooth bottom shoes. If you are a beginner, please wear flats. Heels are recommended for more expeirenced dancers.

  • What do I wear for a social dance?

    Presentable, comfortable clothing. We recommend bringing an extra top or shirt in case you tend to sweat a lot. Always be aware of your hygiene, as you are dancing close to another individual.

  • Where can I go social dance in Birmingham?

    Every Saturday night at Cabo Coastal Grill there is a Latin Social!

    Starts at 10PM

    Cabo Coastal Grill

    100 Frankfurt Cir suite a, Birmingham, AL 35211

    We also post local events on our social media! Follow us :)

  • How long will it take for me to learn how to dance?

    Everyone learns differently. It won't be overnight and it will take practice. So give yourself grace, and enjoy the ride. We see the average person able to partnership dance and social less than a month with consistent attendance! If you want to expedite the process, we recommend private lessons. This way we can focus directly on just you, and not a whole class.

  • Where can I buy dance shoes?

    If you're looking for a cheap pair of Latin/Ballroom dance shoes, check out Amazon or DiscountDance.com.

    If you're looking to dance for more than just a few times, then you may want to invest in a good pair of shoes.

    If you're looking to go pro, then here are our recommendations.

    So far Irene's go to performance shoes are her Burju Heels: The Latin Heels and the Sierras!

    Check out Yami Shoes for cloud like comfort, (Irene's pink heels) use our referral code for 20% off!

    There is also GFranco Shoes (Irene's social and class shoe. Victor's Performance shoes and social shoes) and Ray Rose.

    Yami Shoes 20% Referral Code 
  • How do I know what size shoe to get?

    Definitely varies company to company. Best advice: check reviews. Make sure to see Irene to reassure you're fitted into your shoes properly.