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After 4 years, we found each other again in Birmingham, AL in 2017. We re-met at a Ballroom Studio where Irene was taking Tango Privates and Victor was starting his first day as a Ballroom teacher in Birmingham. We became dance partners, and then life partners. 

Enamored by the art of Latin Dance, specifically Zouk, we planned our first guest Professional Teachers class in the Birmingham Area. To bring awareness to the event, we branched off and began teaching Adult dance classes under our own name. We started a dance company in 2018, IV Motion (Irene & Victor Motion). It grew to the point our students pushed us for a Latin Dance Team. And now we teach out of multiple locations locally. Our main focus is Salsa and Bachata, but we teach ballroom, jazz, contemporary and more. Our goal is to share the life changing and inner healing aspect of dance.

Our First Duet- ASBF 2020

Victor Williams

It all started at Spain Park High School where Victor decided to jump into partnership dance classes. Being a huge athlete, all he knew was sports. Unfortunately, due to a terrible neck injury, those dreams of becoming a professional athlete didn’t pan out. While attending The University of Alabama, Victor replaced his athletic drive by beginning to dance regularly.

He attended Hip Hop and Contemporary classes, and was a member of the UA’s Ballroom Club. After graduating from UA with a degree in Hospitality and Event planning, he moved to Naples, Florida.

He worked with an event company and then eventually became independent. He trained at the local Fred Astaire, and after a few years of training, he became the male instructor at The Hip Room in Tampa, Florida. There he trained with Kristen Breaux, Johnny, and Lisa. He has now returned to his hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. Here he taught and trained at Champions Latin and Ballroom.

He has participated in various Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, and Zouk conventions. Victor has trained with Javier & KiKi, Terri Atkinson, Wendy & Rodrigo, Kadu & Larrissa, and Fernando Sosa to name a few.

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Irene Naranjo

Irene's dance journey began as a child, captivated by Selena and Shakira's moves. Growing up in a predominantly non-Hispanic area, she encountered racism and bullying. To empower her, her mother enrolled her in Tae Kwon Do and encouraged her diverse interests in dance, karate, soccer, and academics, which also helped her learn English.

Irene excelled in numerous dance competitions, including Dance Masters of America, Monsters of Hip Hop, and The Pulse. In high school, she co-founded and led her school's dance team, Titan Pride, and danced in New Year Parades in Paris and London as a UDA All Star.

Her dance education continued at the University of Alabama, focusing on Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary styles. She was also part of UA's Hip Hop crew, RipTide. Irene has performed internationally with various artists and professionals, expanding her expertise. Today, she resides in Birmingham, Alabama, teaching dance and serving as a guest instructor at renowned studios. Her journey from childhood aspirations to an accomplished dance instructor showcases her resilience, passion, and global impact in the world of dance.